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An AVO is an order made by the court that restricts your behaviour towards another person. Generally there are two types of AVO’s.

  • The first being an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order. That is an order involving someone which you have a domestic relationship. These orders are normally taken out on behalf of family members by police.
  • The second is an Apprehended Personal Violence Order. In these circumstances an order is taken out through the Registrar of the Local Court towards persons who are not family members such as neighbours, fellow workers and in some cases persons who are not known to one another.

An AVO can have effect usually anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. The consequences of having an AVO can be serious depending on your employment, licence or residence status.

It is important that you receive advice from Kapsis Solicitors to ensure that you understand how an AVO application operates before a Magistrate and the consequences if you have an order made against you.

There are costs issues that can arise in personal AVO applications.

It is important that you receive advice if it is alleged that you have Breached an AVO. Serious consequences can result if such an allegation is proved including facing a term of imprisonment.

To make sure you are fully advised of your rights contact our team at Kapsis Solicitors and arrange a consultation.