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Kapsis solicitors can advise you on any appeal questions you may have following a decision from the Local, District or Supreme Courts.

It is important to understand that there are time frames in which to lodge an appeal and where those appeals need to be lodged and the grounds for lodging an appeal from a decision in a lower court.

The team from Kapsis Solicitors have appeared in the Local Court dealing with appeals from the RMS dealing with:-

  • Speeding offences
  • Drinking driving offences
  • Demerit point offences
  • Street racing
  • Burn Out offences

We have argued that a client’s licence has had a significant impact after being suspended by police.

We have appeared for many clients in the District Court on:

  • Severity appeals and/or
  • Conviction appeals

We have had success in overturning convictions and/or reducing sentences originally imposed in the lower courts.

Don’t think the decision in the Lower Court is final. Give our team a call to discuss your appeal options.

In relation to appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal, it is important that the necessary notices are filed in due time. Call our team to discuss your matter and appeal rights. Getting proper advice can ensure a more favourable outcome.

Contact us immediately to arrange a time for conference.